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Wall Cabinets

Teclab Wall Cabinets. The professional's wall cabinets!

That’s exactly what you’ll be thinking when you take a good look at the new Teclab wall cabinet. The Teclab design team has redefined the wall cabinet with Teclab’s industry leading standard of quality and durability.

The cabinet features beefier construction with heavier material than competitive cabinets with exclusive Teclab features including reinforced shelves and backs, reinforced doors with smooth operation and heavy-duty wall mounting bracket system for simple, solid installation.

Teclab has designed a wall cabinet to be the leader in performance and value.

Teclab Wall Cabinet with Hinged Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Teclab Wall Cabinet with Solid Doors

Solid Doors

Teclab Wall Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Teclab Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet

Stainless Steel

Standard Features

  • Manufactured of heavy-duty steel (18-gauge, furniture-grade, cold-rolled)
  • Concealed Euro style hinges
  • Solid top and bottom
  • Double wall construction
  • Durable textured powdercoat finish
  • Extraordinary Teclab quality
  • Teclab 10-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Exclusive Teclab heavy-duty wall mounting bracket system for simple, solid installation
  • Framed, tempered safety glass
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Shelves adjustable in 2” increments
  • Framed, hinged glass doors or solid, double wall steel doors are available
  • Locks and extra shelves available as options
  • Clear or smoked glass available


Configurations and Options

48" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑4830‑HSD (hinged solid doors) WC‑4830‑HGD (hinged glass doors) WC‑4830‑SGD (sliding glass doors) WC‑4830‑SGD‑PT (pass-through sliding glass doors)

48" wide Wall Cabinet

42" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑4230‑HSD (hinged solid doors) WC‑4230‑HGD (hinged glass doors) WC‑4230‑SGD (sliding glass doors) WC‑4230‑SGD‑PT (pass-through sliding glass doors)

42" wide Wall Cabinet

36" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑3630‑HSD (hinged solid doors) WC‑3630‑HGD (hinged glass doors) WC‑3630‑SGD (sliding glass doors) WC‑3630‑SGD‑PT (pass-through sliding glass doors)

36" wide Wall Cabinet

30" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑3030‑HSD (hinged solid doors) WC‑3030‑HGD (hinged glass doors) WC‑3030‑SGD (sliding glass doors) WC‑3030‑SGD‑PT (pass-through sliding glass doors)

30" wide Wall Cabinet

24" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑2430‑HSD (hinged solid doors) WC‑2430‑HGD (hinged glass doors) WC‑2430‑SGD (sliding glass doors) WC‑2430‑SGD‑PT (pass-through sliding glass doors)

24" wide Wall Cabinet

18" wide Wall Cabinet
WC‑1830‑HSD‑R (solid door RH pull) WC‑1830‑HSD‑L (solid door LH pull) WC‑1830‑HGD‑R (glass door RH pull) WC‑1830‑HGD‑L (glass door LH pull)

18" wide Wall Cabinet

-HSD = Hinged Solid Doors
-HGD = Hinged Glass Doors
-SGD = Sliding Glass Doors
-SGD-PT = Pass-Through Sliding Glass Doors (Doors on front and back)
-XS (additional shelf)

Typical Wall Cabinet Dimensions

Teclab Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet