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Tall Storage Cabinets

The Teclab Storage cabinet. Setting a new standard in storage!

That’s exactly what you’ll be thinking when you take a good look at the new Teclab storage cabinet. The Teclab design team has redefined the storage cabinet with Teclab’s industry leading standard of quality and durability.

The Storage cabinet features beefier construction with heavier material than competitive cabinets with exclusive Teclab features including reinforced shelves and backs, reinforced doors with smooth operating, easy lift-off hinges and easy to use four-point in-cabinet leveling.

Yes, discovering how to put all of these heavy duty features and more into an aesthetically pleasing package was a challenge and a test of Teclab’s commitment to building the best. But even we’re surprised at how handsome the finished product is. In fact, a lot of our customers are saying what we’ve been thinking: “Why hide a cabinet that looks this good in the backroom?” Teclab has created a storage cabinet to be the leader in performance and value.

Teclab Tall Storage Cabinet

Teclab Tall Storage Cabinet

Strength and durability

  • Manufactured of heavy-duty steel (18-gauge, furniture-grade, cold-rolled)
  • Reinforced doors, shelves and back
  • Lift-off style hinges for reduced wear and tear
  • Durable powdercoat finish
  • Extraordinary Teclab fit and finish
  • Teclab 10-year warranty
  • Made in USA

Flexibility, functionality and convenience

  • 4 shelves are included. Shelves are adjustable in 2" increments
  • Three latching points for extra security
  • Options, including clothes bar and extra shelves
  • Capability to add electrical power
  • Larger glides for improved stability. Easily adjustable from inside the cabinet.
  • Choices of 30", 36" and 48" widths and 18" and 24"depths"

Handsome good looks

  • Available in 6 Teclab standard powdercoat colors
  • Custom color matching available
  • Black powder-coated handle with lock
  • Black powder-coated hinges
  • Special packaging virtually eliminates freight damage

Configurations and Options

48"W x 78"H x 18"D

part# SC-4818

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36"W x 78"H x 18"D

part# SC-3618

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30"W x 78"H x 18"D

part# SC-3018

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48"W x 78"H x 24"D

part# SC-4824

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36"W x 78"H x 24"D

part# SC-3624

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30"W x 78"H x 24"D

part# SC-3024

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-XS = Additional Shelf (4 shelves come standard)
-WR = Clothes Bar

Teclab Tall Storage Cabinet Handle

Lift-off style hinges for reduced wear and tear

Teclab Tall Storage Cabinet Handle

Optional clothes bar accessory

Teclab Tall Storage Cabinet Handle

Black powder-coated handle with lock