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Teclab offers the standard in workbench design and construction. Component for component, Teclab furniture has been designed to offer you the ultimate in durability, flexibility, and performance. Whether it’s the 86 critical weld locations or any of the many unique Teclab design features, you’ll be impressed by Teclab’s commitment to detail. When you demand quality design, specify Teclab.

Teclab’s workbench product line consists of several hundred cabinet designs, wall and storage cabinets, height adjustable bench frames, electrical raceways, overhead lighting, work-surfaces, and ergonomic seating. Teclab offers a complete line of Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) workbenches and accessories to protect sensitive electronic devices.

All Teclab products share common design features that have earned for Teclab the reputation in the industry as the “professional’s bench.” Typical features include an abundance of grounded outlets within easy reach; magnetic combination rocker switches that incorporate circuit breakers and pilot lights; an infinite variety of drawer and door combinations to meet every job and storage requirement; expansive work surfaces, shelves, and back guards in a choice of task-oriented materials.

Examples of our total commitment to quality are cabinets that are constructed of only top quality, heavy-duty, furniture-grade, cold-rolled steel, double-braced and welded at all critical joints; twin full-perimeter frames formed of heavy gauge steel, welded to provide strength and rigidity; heavy-duty drawers that glide effortlessly on precision steel ball bearings; cabinet doors that open and close with authority and precision using self-closing hinges; brushed aluminum pulls that are recessed for clean lines and unobtrusive operation; durable, textured paint finish, in a wide selection of mar-resistant, easy-to-clean colors designed to keep your investment in quality Teclab equipment looking like new!


Our planning and design team can develop a comprehensive furniture system for your entire work environment… FREE!

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6' Work Stations
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10' Work Stations
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Adjustable/Heavy Duty Work Stations
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Desk High Work Stations
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8' Work Stations
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12' Work Stations
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Corner Work Stations
TCU-1522 shown

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