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Laboratory Shelving

Highest quality. Best built. Most durable. Most versatile. Take your pick. They’re all descriptions that have become synonymous with Teclab in the last 30 years. But our fanatical commitment to building the best is more than just talk.

The extraordinary fit and finish of every Teclab product reflects that devotion to providing what customers want and need. Customers see our quality in clean, functional lines. They hear it in the sound of a drawer sliding effortlessly closed. They feel it in the solidity of a well made unit. And they experience it in the attention to the smallest of details of design assistance, installation and after-sale service.

Laboratory Shelving

Cabinet Mounted Shelving

Cabinet Mounted Shelving

  30" wide 36" wide 42" wide 48" wide
36" high complete unit single-sided (2 shelves) SUS-3036-2 SUS-3636-2 SUS-4236-2 SUS-4836-2
double-sided (4 shelves) SUS-3036-4 SUS-3636-4 SUS-4236-4 SUS-4836-4
48" high complete unit single-sided (2 shelves) SUS-3048-2 SUS-3648-2 SUS-4248-2 SUS-4848-2
double-sided (4 shelves) SUS-3048-4 SUS-3648-4 SUS-4248-4 SUS-4848-4
36" high complete unit with Electric Kit single-sided (2 shelves) SUS-3036-2-EP SUS-3636-2-EP SUS-4236-2-EP SUS-4836-2-EP
double-sided (4 shelves) SUS-3036-4-EP SUS-3636-4-EP SUS-4236-4-EP SUS-4836-4-EP
48" high complete unit with Electric Kit single-sided (2 shelves) SUS-3048-2-EP SUS-3648-2-EP SUS-4248-2-EP SUS-4848-2-EP
double-sided (4 shelves) SUS-3048-4-EP SUS-3648-4-EP SUS-4248-4-EP SUS-4848-4-EP


Single Shelves

Single Shelves

  30" shelf (28" actual) 36" wide (34" actual) 42" wide (40" actual) 48" wide (46" actual)
Standard horizontal shelf (12" deep) IS-1230-H IS-1236-H IS-1242-H IS-1248-H
Angled shelf (12" deep) IS-1230-A IS-1236-A IS-1242-A IS-1248-A


Standard horizontal steel shelves have a stiffener formed downward to create a fully flat surface. The stiffener can also be formed upward to create a front shelf retainer.

Wall Standards

Wall Standards - Used for wall mounting our steel shelves.
Shown are two 36" high Wall Standards(WS-36-W) and three 48" wide shelves(IS-4812-H)

Height 18" 24" 30" 36" 48" 72"
Part # WS-18-W WS-24-W WS-30-W WS-36-W WS-48-W WS-72-W


Wall Mounted Shelving

Wall Mounted Shelving (WUS)

Standard shelf depth is 12", but other depths are available as well.

Length of shelves is variable between 18" and 96". For lengths over 48", a third(center) upright is added.

Height of Shelving Uprights is variable between 18" and 96" in 6" increments.

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Shelf material can be selected from any of our Work Surface options.

Shelving Units

Shelving Units (SU)
Teclab's durable floor standing shelving units are available in three widths and two depths. All are 72" high, and have 5 shelves.

  30" wide 36" wide 48" wide
18" deep SU-3018-72 SU-3618-72 SU-4818-72
24" deep SU-3024-72 SU-3624-72 SU-4824-72